Jellystone Mayhem

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What is Jellystone Mayhem?

Jellystone Mayhem

Crazy things are always going on in Jellystone, the new city inhabited by your favorite Hannah-Barbera characters, and now, right before the premiere of this show, you get to learn more about them and their wonderful city through play Jellystone Games on our website such as Jellystone Mayhem, which is actually a collection of multiple mini-games!

Have crazy fun in Jellystone, right now!

We will now go through the three games that are available at the start of this arcade experience:

  • Fishy Business: The cat needs to get over the river to the other side, so to do that it has to hop from one fish to another without falling into the water. Tap on the fish you want it to jump towards, being careful not to fall!
  • Icy Rumble: An ice cube shower is falling over Captain Caveman's van, so tap on the ice cubes as they fall to knock them down and get points, and shoot special items that appear if you want extra points.
  • Adventure in the Sky: Steer Cindy's rocket using the mouse to go to space, grabbing items that give you points, more time, or extra lives, but avoiding all the obstacles you encounter, so you don't crash to the ground.

In addition to the mini-games, if you click on various buildings shown in front of you, more information about them or interesting trivia about the people living there will be given to you. Don't let this much fun wait for you even for a moment, so start playing right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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