Golfing Island

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What is Golfing Island?

Golfing Island

Golfing Island is a game added right now and here to bring some new life into the golf games category of our website, and that's not because it did not have anything fresh, as it is updated rather often, but we know how much interest is there by kids and adults alike into these games, even more so when they double up as puzzle and skill games all in one!

Join all the fun going on in Golfing Island!

Despite what you might think, the main premise of golfing remains the same, and that is to get the ball into the hole with the flag. Use the mouse to aim and shoot the balls in each level, dragging in such a way that you find the best angle at power, releasing when you want to make the shot.

Not only do you have to reach the flag past all the various obstacles in each part of the island, but try collecting diamonds by shooting through them for extra points. Depending on performance you can get from one to three stars per level, and you also get rewarded with new balls at certain checkpoints.

Each new level brings forward a more complicated golf course on the island, but we are sure that your mind is into it and you are ready to face any and all challenges!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.