Solar System Scope

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What is Solar System Scope?

Solar System Scope

Solar System Scope is the perfect game for the many children and adults alike who are fascinated about astronomy and everything it entails, meaning that they love to know more about stars, solar systems around them, planets, space rocks, black holes, and everything in between, which is what we invite you to explore right now with a game that equips you with one of the world's best virtual telescopes!

Start the scope and explore our solar system!

Venus, Mercury, Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, are just a few of the planets you get to become more familiar with, as this game also allows you to learn more about the satellites of these planets, like Titan or Ceres.

Click on a planet, and then you have the following menus you can access:

  • Visit
  • Encylopedia
  • Structure

You can learn about the planet system, what the planets are made of, what goes around them, how long they have been around, and many such small and big details that will make you really familiar with each planet, and we are sure that when you finish playing the game, you will be more educated, and feel better because of it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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