Hug and Kis Station Escape

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What is Hug and Kis Station Escape?

Hug and Kis Station Escape

Hug and Kis Station Escape is yet another amazing one of our Poppy Playtime Games in 2 Players on our website, which we have seen you really love since having the chance to play with Huggy Wuggy is cool, but bringing Kissy Missy into the mix as well only makes everything even better.

Help Hug and Kis escape the station!

Use the WASD keys to move and jump for one character, the ARROW keys for the other one, and use special touch controls if playing on a mobile device.

The goal for each level is to reach the door at the end, but before that, you need to grab the key, otherwise, you won't be able o open said door.

Along the way, collect as many of the red squares as you can to get a big score in return, and don't let the water filling up from the bottom reach the characters, because if one dies, you both lose that level.

We wish you the best and great co-operation, and we hope that we see you stick around for even more of our great daily games!

How to play?

Use the ARROWS and the WASD keys.

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