Zombie Survival

25.05.2022 1.465 10 votes

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What is Zombie Survival?

Zombie Survival

Welcome to Minecraft Zombie Survival, which, despite its title, is actually one of our newest arcade puzzle and logic game to have been added into this category, which is always full of surprises and never boring, and today your problem-solving skills will be tested through blocks, Steve, and zombies!

Minecraft Zombie Survival: a new kind of puzzle game!

Use the mouse to click on the blocks that Minecraft's Steve is sitting on, doing it in such a manner that you make him land on the flat surface at the bottom with no problem because if he tilts too much or falls differently from mostly on his feet, you lose the level.

Only the blocks of stone are removable, the wooden ones remain, and you need to figure out the best order in which to eliminate said blocks to make Steve drop accurately and with no issues. Good luck, the best we wish you, and we hope to see you around even more so!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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