Sara's Cooking Class: Banana Split Pie

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Sara's Cooking Class: Banana Split Pie
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What is Sara's Cooking Class: Banana Split Pie?

Sara's Cooking Class: Banana Split Pie

Games with Sara's Cooking Class are always going to remain a staple of our cooking games category, and they are timeless and always a really good time to have, which is why we're delighted that right at this moment we can invite you to prepare a brand new dish: a Banana Split Pie!

Make a Banana Split Pie in Sara's new Cooking Class!

In front of you is the kitchen with everything you would need, and on the table you can see shadow figures of the ingredients and tools you must pick, so look around the cupboard and fridge, clicking on said items until they're all ready. Simply drag them with the mouse over their shadow.

Arrows on the screen will then show you how to use said tools, kitchenware, and ingredients correctly, so if you keep clicking where shown, you are going to follow the recipe faithfully, and in no time be done with the banana split pie. Prepare the bananas, the crust, and the filling, and decorate them all after they've been put together.

Just like in a real cooking class, you take everything step-by-step, with Sara being one of the best teachers ever, so we are sure that you will both have a good time and learn plenty at the same time!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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