Pocket Golf

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What is Pocket Golf?

Pocket Golf

Pocket Golf is here for all our fans of golf games online that want something simple and easy that they can also carry around, and we're saying this because this game is mobile-friendly, so you can literally take this game with you anywhere as long as you play it on our website or app. Virtual golf can be just as fun as the real one, and we're now going to prove it!

Play Pocket Golf online right now!

The goal you have is as simple as getting the ball into the hole with the flag, having to go past any kinds of obstacles placed on the courses in front of you, with each level featuring a more difficult course than the one before, and know that you only get three shots per level.

Hold the mouse on the ball, and then drag the cursor towards where you want to shoot the ball, and know that the longer you drag it, the more power you will have in your shot. It's really that simple, so start right now, have a blast, and see what other games of the genre we've brought you here over time, they're all worthy games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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