Golf Blast

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What is Golf Blast?

Golf Blast
For all of you who love sports online, especially golfing, we are delighted that more new golf games online could be brought over for you right in this instant, when our team is happy to invite you all to play the awesome new game called Golf Blast, which combines puzzles with shooting and this wonderful sport in a fun way that you won't forget very soon!

Learn how to be the best virtual golfer in this game!

The goal remains the same as in regular golf, which is to get the ball to enter the hole, but in this game, the holes can be placed either up or down, and there will be lots of ground platforms all over the place, so you need to be careful and make sure that you get the ball in using the limited number of shots given to you.

To shoot the ball, use the mouse, tapping on it and dragging into the direction you want to shoot, and the more you drag back, the more power your shot will have. Before the ball enters into the hole, try to move your ball so that it also grabs the three stars from the course and gets some extra points for them!

There's nothing more you need to know about, so let the fun begin right now, and stick around, so you don't miss out on other awesome new games the day has in store for you!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.