Mini Golf Clash

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What is Mini Golf Clash?

Mini Golf Clash

Mini Golf Clash is yet another awesome game we are happy to present you all in the golf games category of our website, which is and always has been a fan-favorite for fans of this sport, which is not accessible to everyone in real life, but online it is free, like all our games, so let us now explain it, so you can begin having fun right away!

Can you win the Mini Golf Clash?

With the mouse you click and drag towards where you want to shoot the golf ball, having to make it enter into the hole, with each new course being more complicated than the last. Make sure not to waste too many of your shots, because if you take too long, you run out of moves, and you lose that level.

With the money you earn from finishing one course, you get to buy and unlock a new one, and you get to keep having fun as only here is possible. Of course, you also get to unlock new golf balls to play with and keep the fun going fresh and fun as only here is possible.

Now that you've surely understood everything, begin now, and don't stop here, since our team is readying up even more great games for you to play all day long!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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