Squid Gamer Golf 3D

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Squid Gamer Golf 3D
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What is Squid Gamer Golf 3D?

Squid Gamer Golf 3D

Squid Gamers are invited to chill and play golf 3D online since we know very well that most challenges in the universe of this Netflix show and the category it has spawned off are really grueling and life-threatening, but not today, since you get to casually play rounds of mini-golf. Of course, you can make it a real competition against yourself, if you wish, just have fun!

Help the Squid Gamer complete all the 3D golf courses!

For each level you have one more many holes in which you need to send your ball into, marked by flags, and to do so use the mouse to set the angle at which you shoot it, which will be made visible by a dotted line, and release when you think it is in the perfect position to enter.

You get three stars out of 3 if you shoot all the balls properly, but if you run out of them before filling all the holes, the level is lost and you need to start it all over again from scratch.

You are in for a virtual golf experience unlike none before, so start right now, and stick around, you know today we will have more amazing games for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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