2 Player Police Racing

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2 Player Police Racing
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What is 2 Player Police Racing?

2 Player Police Racing

When it comes to 2 Player Racing Games, we have plenty, but we thought that the series would need something a bit more, something more interesting, which is why we knew that a game where you race with police cars together with your friends will be an even better experience, one that we would not have missed the chance to share with you for anything in the world!

Police Racing is even better with 2 players, start playing the game right now!

After choosing between the Single Player mode and the 2P one, choose your cars in the garage, but know that your funds are limited when you start, as you have to win multiple races to earn more money and unlock the other cool cars.

The game when in two-player worse with a split-screen, and one player uses the ARROW keys to drive, while the other one uses the WASD keys. Give your best to cross the finish line ahead of the other player to win.

On the courses you can also collect coins, so try getting as many of them as possible to use them for new cars. All this fun awaits you one click away, so begin it, and maybe tell your friends about this game as well!

How to play?

Use the ARROWS and the WASD keys.

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