Steveman and Alexwoman 2: Summer

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Steveman and Alexwoman 2: Summer
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What is Steveman and Alexwoman 2: Summer?

Steveman and Alexwoman 2: Summer

Welcome to Steveman and Alexwoman 2: Summer, one of the newest 2 player games to have been added into our Minecraft Games category, where you once again get the help of a friend to take control of the two blocky characters, go on an adventure, but this time during the summer months, so get ready for the virtual beach!

Have a summer adventure with Steveman and Alexwoman!

To move and jump, one of you uses the arrow keys, while the other one uses the WASD keys. Use special touch controls shown on the screen if you're playing on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

To finish each level you need to reach the end of the course, so along the way be careful of moving or static traps, pits or spikes, and other obstacles, but also of creatures lurking around which you should not touch.

Even if only one of you dies, both of you then lose that level. Before finishing a level, try to collect as much ice cream from the beach as possible, so that you increase your score a lot.

All of this fun awaits you one click away, so start right now, and make sure to try out even more of our amazing content of the day!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, and ARROWS keys.

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