Baby In Yellow Survival Challenge

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What is Baby In Yellow Survival Challenge?

Baby In Yellow Survival Challenge

Baby In Yellow Survival Challenge is here to combine two popular formats and media at the same time, one being Squid Game, since you will be playing Red Light, Green Light once more, but this time you do it with Baby in Yellow taking place of the classic Korean mechanical doll that used to target and shoot down the misbehaving players.

Complete the Survival Challenge of Baby in Yellow!

Hold the left mouse button to move forward with your avatar, and release it to stop. When the yellow baby is facing forward and counting, you can advance, as you have the green light, but when he turns back with his eyes on you, you have the red light, and if you are caught still moving, you get shot down and die, effectively losing.

Reach and cross the finish line safely before the time of the race runs out on you to win, otherwise, if the zero-second hits and you're still on the course, you also die. Good luck and lots of fun we wish you all, as we are sure that this game will help you go past many of your fears. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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