Sneak Mission 3D

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What is Sneak Mission 3D?

Sneak Mission 3D

Sneak Mission 3D is one of the best new escape games online on our website we offer you at this moment, where, as the title suggests, you need to be sneaky in order to get past guards and enemies and reach the door at the end of each level and its location, so that you can advance further!

Complete the Sneak Mission 3D!

You will control the movements of the blue stickman with the WASD keys or the ARROW keys, and in either case, you have to do the same thing, which is to find a way past the red stickmen and reach the door, with the mazes getting bigger, more complicated, and filled with more enemies level after level.

Either way, we are sure that you will get better as you progress and have even more fun as you become sneakier and sneakier! Let's start!

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How to play?

Use the Arrows/WASD keys.