Mental Hospital Escape

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What is Mental Hospital Escape?

Mental Hospital Escape

Not anyone should escape from a mental hospital, because most people who end up there need treatment and are in the right place, but you in this game have been put there by mistake, so you have to give your everything to get out of there, always finding the best strategy to get closer to sweet, sweet freedom!

Let's make the greatest mental hospital escape online!

There are two chapters in this game so far, 1, and 2. We recommend starting with the first one to better understand the story, which has 20 levels for you to complete, and more of them waiting for you!

In each room that you find yourself you will have to find various objects, such as keys, you find buttons that open doors or you find ways to not eat or drink the medicine given to you by the doctors.

Each new level gets more complicated than the one before it, but with enough focus, we are sure you will finish them, all. Good luck, and see what other great escape games we've added here over the years!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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