Prison Escape: Island of Tribes

Prison Escape: Island of Tribes

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Prison Escape: Island of Tribes
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Prison Escape: Island of Tribes Overview


Prison Escape: Island of Tribes combines escape games 3D with FPS shooting games online, as you will immediately notice when you start playing, resulting on one of the best new games you could be playing here free of charge today, something we totally recommend from our own time with it, and we will now teach you the gameplay, so you can begin having fun too!

Escape the Prison on the Island of Tribes!

Use WASD to move, the mouse to aim and shoot, E to interact, C to crouch, space to jump, and shift to run. Find ways out of the prison cell you are being held into, as you disable security measures like cameras, and shoot down the guards before they can shoot you down first, as their policy is shoot first, ask questions later. Make it yours too!

You've only got one weapon, with limited ammo and resources, so don't waste them, while searching for new items to use as you go along. There are clues for you to find in the prison as well, which you should use to solve bigger mysteries. Start right now, and make sure you're not stopping here, as the day just started, and more games are coming up!

How to play?

  • W,A,S,D to move
  • E to interact
  • C to crouch
  • SPACE to slow-down the time (slow-mo dive)
  • SHIFT to run
  • MOUSE to shoot and control the view

Tips & Tricks

  • Disable security cameras so guards don't come after you faster.
  • Find items and clues to solve the mysteries of the prison.
  • Use your limited ammo to shoot your enemies when encountered.

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Studio of the Hawk

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