Karate Girl Vs School Bully

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What is Karate Girl Vs School Bully?

Karate Girl Vs School Bully

Welcome to Karate Girl Vs School Bully, which is quite special and unlike anything you've played here before, as it has a role-playing game element, as you become a girl who has been bothered by the school bully, and she will now learn how to stand up to her!

Karate Girl Vs School Bully: who wins?

Start off by fixing the damage after the fight, as you brush the girl's hair, clean up her locker in the school hallway, fix and decorate her backpack, and then go take some karate lessons. You then dress her up in karate garments, a kimono with accessories, and you will begin your training with different activities that improve her general skills, like in Karate Kid.

Train hard, eat healthily, and take all the necessary steps into making this girl more powerful and confident, and when she then takes on the school bully at the end of the game, she will be the one who wins instead.

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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