Child Skate

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What is Child Skate?

Child Skate

You might not think so, but the Child Skate game belongs to the Poppy Playtime Games category of our website, as this pixelated kid is normal when he skateboards through the day, but when night comes, he may transform into Huggy Wuggy or Mommy Long Legs, who seem to enjoy this street activity just as much as he does!

Help the Child Skate and escape the monsters!

There are 25 levels in total, and the daytime ones are more simple, as you use trash bins and other objects as items to jump over and do cool tricks, but in the nighttime ones you have all sorts of spikes, pillars, and other kinds of obstacles that will kill the monsters, so avoid them.

Use the arrows or the WASD keys for skating, with jumping being included, of course, and try collecting the coins in each course, so that you can buy various upgrades or new skins with them. It's really all that simple, so let all this fun begin right now, and make sure you tell your friends about our amazing games as well!

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