Huggy Skate

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What is Huggy Skate?

Huggy Skate

Huggy Skate is a game that manages to make the scary Huggy Wuggy toy from Poppy Playtime Games not that scary, since in this game you will just chill out with him by doing a bit of skateboarding, something you've never done before in this category, so let's experience something new and fresh right now!

Let's skate with Huggy!

Huggy skates forward automatically, with your goal being to help him reach the finish line of each level while avoiding the obstacles on the ground, such as the trash bins, or the ones coming from the top, like the green pipes that are dropping.

To avoid the obstacles you have to do two actions: jump, which you do by pressing W, and stop, which you do by pressing A. Take the right action depending on what kind of obstacle you have in front of you to get past it.

Each new level has trickier obstacles for you to face than before, so work harder for each one, and keep having fun. Can you finish all the levels? Find out!

How to play?

Use the W, A keys.

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