Cartoonito Matching Pairs

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What is Cartoonito Matching Pairs?

Cartoonito Matching Pairs

No toddlers should miss out on games made for them here on our website, even more so Cartoonito Games online as the Matching Pairs one we are now sharing with you free of charge and with the hopes that it will be both fun and educational, although we already know it is since we've made sure of that! Let your kids improve and have fun at the same time right now!

Match the pairs with Cartoonito online!

The game is playable in the Easy, Medium, and Hard levels of difficulty, with the main difference between them being the number of cards you have to match with one another, so we recommend starting from the easiest one for a better experience.

Click on two cards to flip them, and when they have the same character on them, they remain visible, something you need to do with all the pairs to finish a level, and try doing it quickly as well because you will be timed.

It's easy peasy, so start right now, and make sure to tell your friends about our fantastic games of day to day as well, they will surely love it here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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