18 Wheeler Truck Parking

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What is 18 Wheeler Truck Parking?

18 Wheeler Truck Parking

18 Wheeler Truck Parking is about to be one of the best new games for boys added today for you all on our website free of charge, as we're about to give you a real challenge, as parking a truck with 18 wheels is not an easy foot, as they are really big, so placing them in the parking spots of the city correctly will be a hassle, but one that will be really enjoyable if you achieve it!

Park 18 Wheeler Trucks online!

On each level you need to follow the green arrows from one parking spot to another, carefully place the truck alongside the front and back spots, moving on to a new one when you have finished with the previous one. Don't hit the truck and damage it, because if you lose all your 100 health points, you lose the level.

Move the trucks using the arrow keys, and use H for honking the horn. Now, as you complete the levels which increase in difficulty, you can buy new trucks to park to make your experience more interesting, diverse, and fun! Try getting three stars out of three per level as well, based on your performance.

We wish you the very best, hope to see you around some more, and if that happens, you will only be greeted with more new amazing games!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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