Friday Night Funkin First Date

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What is Friday Night Funkin First Date?

Friday Night Funkin First Date

It's time to switch things up by adding the Friday Night Funkin' First Date game into the FNF Games category of our website, which is filled mostly with rhythm games, of course, but one of the first-ever FNF dress-up games has just been added for you all, where Boyfriend and Girlfriend will have their first romantic encounter, and they both want to look as amazing as possible, and they will be able to, with your help, of course!

Get BF and GF ready for the Friday Night Funkin' First Date!

Start off by dressing up Girlfriend, of course, as it's ladies first, always, using the panel to choose her outfit and hairstyle, accessorizing with glasses, earrings, and necklaces. You have a similar panel for Boyfriend, where in addition to a rocking outfit and haircut, pick a cool necklace, and a musical instrument or tool.

Start off right now, it is as easy as that, and we really hope to see you around some more, we never miss the mark in bringing you the best new games on the internet for girls and boys alike!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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