Funny Shooter

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Funny Shooter
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What is Funny Shooter?

Funny Shooter

Funny Shooter is here to prove that shooting games online in 3D can be both action-packed and comedic at the same time, a premise that seems to work very well for movies, so we are positive that the same will now also become true in the world of gaming, especially with this game inspired by the likes of Time Shooter Games, another series that is really well-received here. Let's see how this one works, shall we?

Have fun with Funny Shooter online free!

The funny element of the game comes from the fact that you will have to shoot down enemies with really funny and weird-looking faces, coming in various sizes, and attacking you from all directions, so make sure not to let yourself beaten up by them, you will lose and have to start again from scratch.

In each level you need to shoot down the required number of enemies to advance to the following stage, otherwise, you can't, and will probably lose. Using the money you earn from clearing levels you should buy new weapons as well as upgrades to make yourself stronger.

Move with WASD, press space to jump, hold shift to run, the mouse to aim and shoot, and R to reload. Good luck, enjoy and invite your friends who love this genre here as well, we're sure they will have a blast!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, R, and the mouse.

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