Skull Kid

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What is Skull Kid?

Skull Kid

Become the Skull Kid in one of the best new action and fighting games with horror elements to have been added to our website in a while, definitely a fine addition to our collection, especially for the month of Halloween, when scary games are more popular than ever, no doubt about it!

Help Skull Kid on his rampage!

As you proceed to hack, shoot, cut and beat up everyone in your way, help Skull Kidd use any kinds of weapons he has or finds to defeat the enemies in his path, since everyone that you don't get rid of first, might be the ones to destroy you instead.

Of course, not only does each new level have a more difficult map and stage, but it is also more fun, all at the same time. Use the right and left arrow keys for moving, and use the spacebar for attacking, in any way you can.

Now that you've understood what to do and how to start it, have crazy and psychotic fun as only you should in online gaming, and maybe tell your friends about our amazing games as well!

How to play?

Use the arrows and the spacebar.

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