Ed Edd and Eddy: Candy Factory

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What is Ed Edd and Eddy: Candy Factory?

Ed Edd and Eddy: Candy Factory

Ed Edd and Eddy: Candy Factory is a game that makes a whole lot of sense in the universe of this show from Cartoon Network, and in their gaming counterpart, since these three troublemakers love nothing more than eating candy, especially the best of them, jawbreakers, and instead of searching for them, they are trying to make it themselves. Of course, they're too stupid to do it alone, so you're here to help out!

Step into the Candy Factory with Ed Edd and Eddy!

Because the candy machine messed up, you now need to sort the candy by color in their corresponding candy holders. Find three of the same color to gather into a pack, and try making as many packs as possible, which also means a bigger score.

Use the mouse or the arrows to move the cannon, and be on the lookout for wild candy, it is quite useful. Shoot metal pieces at the candy holders without hitting them, so that they don't eat YOUR candy.

Precision and focus are key in this shooting game, a game we're sure you will fully enjoy right now, so we hope you start playing it right away, it would be a shame not to!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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