Candy Machine Deluxe

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What is Candy Machine Deluxe?

Candy Machine Deluxe

Candy Machine Deluxe is yet another Ed Edd and Eddy game online free to play added here for all the fans of this Cartoon Network show, which we know is old, but still has quite a lot of fans out there, and if we can help you discover it, even better.

If you're new to these characters, know that this trio loves candy more than anything, especially Jawbreakers, which you will help them get in this new game!

Play with the Candy Machine Deluxe from Edd Edd and Eddy!

Find the most creative way possible of using tubes and other devices towards getting the Jawbreakers into the mouth of Eddy, which is when you complete a level. Click on 'Add a Part' to pick the piece and then drag and drop it into place. The more and crazier the pieces you use, the more you score in this game.

When you think you've got your contraption done, click on the 'Done' button in green to make the candy drop and see if it reaches its destination. The number of tries you have for this is limited, remember, so always improve on your previous design to get closer to your goals.

You don't often see puzzle games like this with these CN characters, so we hope you will really enjoy this unique experience right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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