Lunchroom Rumble

Lunchroom Rumble

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Lunchroom Rumble
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Lunchroom Rumble Overview


Lunchroom Rumble is here to once again bring some new life into the Ed Edd and Eddy Games category that seemed to have been lost thanks to the death of flash, as most games were created using that technology, but that is no longer the case, as our team is working very hard to bring you all of these classics and make them available to you all, with this Cartoon Network Games category being a darling of many, so it's very important to us as well!

Play in the Lunch Room with Ed Edd and Eddy!

The game is a take on food fighting games featuring these CN characters, where you shoot food at opponents as you give your best to avoid theirs, and you win if you are the last one standing.

Move using the arrow keys, press space to throw food, and if your tray is empty, press it to defend and block, and if you collect a jawbreaker, you can press Z and use the special ability it has granted you.

Other jawbreakers replenish health, and you can also refill your tray at the bars. Pick between the main trio to start, and then unlock other characters from the show to become and play with. Good luck, you'll need it, and we hope to see more of you!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, and Z key.

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