Sky Bros

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What is Sky Bros?

Sky Bros

Sky Bros is one of the most awesome new competitive 2-player games online for free we are delighted to share it with you on our website right at this moment, even more so as it is also set in a pixelated world, and these games are always a delight, and you would never want to miss out on them, believe us!

Try Sky Bros online with a friend, it's one of our best two-player games!

There are four modes you can fight against one another:

  1. Build: build a bigger stack faster than your rival
  2. Archery: shoot arrows at one another to defeat the opponent
  3. Space Ship: fly with your spaceships, the first one to fall loses
  4. Woodcutter: cut more wood faster than your nemesis to win

It's as simple as that, one player uses the WASD keys, while the other one uses the ARROW keys, simple as that. Good luck we want to wish both of you, we're sure you will have a delightful time, and you would not want to miss out on this game, believe us!

How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.

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