Fart King Bros

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What is Fart King Bros?

Fart King Bros

Fart King Bros is here to make the 2 Player Games category of our website not smellier, but funnier and better, since it is not every day that you get to find platform-adventure games with collecting, flying, and puzzle elements all in one, but this one promises to deliver on all those fronts and more, as you are going to find out as soon as you start playing!

Retrieve the totems with the Fart King Bros!

Control the two brothers using the ARROW keys and the WASD keys, using Up and W to fly or jump by farting because when you press said keys, the two will start doing so and with the fart power they can reach higher places.

In each level, you have to go around the map to retrieve all the pieces of the totem, and then place them on it, and when it is complete, you will have advanced to the next level, where a bigger challenge awaits, but more fun at the same time.

Good luck we wish you all, we hope that you will complete all the stages and the map, and then you stick around for more fun to come as only here can you find!

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How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.