Club Penguin PSA Mission 1: The Missing Puffles

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Club Penguin PSA Mission 1: The Missing Puffles
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What is Club Penguin PSA Mission 1: The Missing Puffles?

Club Penguin PSA Mission 1: The Missing Puffles

The Missing Puffles is the first of many Club Penguin Quests we invite all of you to go through on our website, where we have seen with previous new additions to this category just how much you love them, so, of course, we would not have dared not to share this new series with you as well!

Can you find the The Missing Puffles of Club Penguin!

Aunt Artica is a penguin reporter who relates stories about what is going around in the world of the club, and she had two Puffles that have gone missing, so now you need to play the role of investigative reporter yourself, and try to see if you can find them and bring them back home.

The game is a point-and-click adventure game where you need to speak with characters such as the Auntie, and other penguins too, as you collect both information and items, which, put together, will help you uncover the mystery of where the Puffles have gone, and take them back.

Can you do it? With enough focus and discipline, we are sure you will, you will have tons of fun, and we hope to see you around more since more of these quests will be released here for you, even today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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