Eleven Kisses

Eleven Kisses

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Eleven Kisses
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Eleven Kisses Overview


Welcome to Eleven Kisses, a brand new puzzle and logic game with interactive elements featuring a love story between a demon and an angel, who have both been banished from their homes and sent away because of their forbidden love, so you are here to reunite them through creating a path between the boy and the girl!

Solve the puzzles to make the Eleven Kisses happen!

This means eleven puzzles in total for you to solve, in increasing difficulty, in which you need to make the path between the angel girl and the demon boy complete, and for that reason, you are given items such as blocks of stone, bridges of wood, and others, which can come in various shapes and sizes.

Your goal in each level is to figure out how to place them between the two, and when the road is free and complete, the angel reaches the demon, kisses him, and you finish the level.

Now that you've understood how this game of thinking and love works, nothing should be stopping you from trying it right now, after which we've got even more amazing games in store for you, today and every day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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