Howdy Farm

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What is Howdy Farm?

Howdy Farm

Howdy Farm is a new puzzle game with merging that you can play on both computers and mobile devices here on our website, a game we are very happy we got to share with you, as we know the format is already a hit, and games with fruits and vegetables are already a treat, so this one is surely also going to be to your liking!

Let's match and merge at the Howdy Farm!

Corn, lettuce, onions, and other vegetables will be given to you, and with the mouse, you have to place them on the hexagons in front of you on the plot of land. Arrange them in such a way that three of the same kind come in a line, which is when they merge and form a plant of a bigger level.

Keep merging, but don't let all the spots get filled without you being able to make any more moves, because in that case, you need to start again from scratch. The shovel power-up appears at times, and it allows you to dig vegetables out, so use them to remove those that are giving you trouble.

You can keep merging as long as you want, so try to see how big of a score you can make each time you play the game. Good luck, enjoy!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.