Spit Away!

Spit Away!

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Spit Away!
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Spit Away! Overview


Spit Away! is a brand new shooting game with a war of distance as its main focus, a kind of game you usually find featuring tanks or cannons, but today we offer you something different, which are llamas that spit radioactive saliva, one that you control, and the other one the computer's, whom you will try to defeat right now!

Spit Away and win the duel of llamas!

You have five lives, and the computer also has five, and the one who manages to get rid of all the five lives of the other one will become the winner, of course.

Use the WASD keys to move your animal on the map, use the spacebar to jump, and to aim and shoot your acid spit, you are going to use the mouse.

You have one meter you drag to set the angle at which you want to shoot, and with the one below it, you are going to set the power with which you spit.

You will go on turns spitting at each other, and hopefully, you win. On the map you can find new lives to grab and use, meaning that it is beneficial to not stay in just one place, even more so to make it harder for your enemy to hit you.

We wish you all the best, as always, and we hope that you don't stop here, because the day has plenty more amazing content to give you, we promise!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, and the mouse.



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