Kogama: Mining Simulator

26.01.2023 497 4 votes

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What is Kogama: Mining Simulator?

Kogama: Mining Simulator

A Kogama: Mining Simulator game online is quite an awesome multiplayer experience that we now invite you to have, where we hope you will give your absolute best to be a better miner than the other players entering the room, or just have fun enjoying it to the fullest!

Try the Mining Simulator of Kogama right now!

Go around the maps that you enter, and try breaking the blocks to find crystals, which you will then use to buy new weapons and tools for attacking foes or for mining, as everyone is trying their best to mine more than the others.

Use WASD to move or drive if you are in a cart, look around with the mouse and click left to shoot, use E to interact, Q to holster your weapons, and K to respawn.

You never know what surprises the underbelly of Kogama has for you, and the only way to find them is if you keep mining, and we hope that you climb the leaderboards and unlock all sorts of awesome skins to use, as you start off with Tourist, of course!

Start now, enjoy, and don't stop ever, since we are always bringing you a ton of new amazing games to play!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, the mouse, Q, E, and K.



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