Jelly Quest Mania

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What is Jelly Quest Mania?

Jelly Quest Mania

Jelly Quest Mania is one of the best new match 3 games online for kids that we are now delighted to share with you on our website, where we know that this is a format that is always going to receive quite a warm welcome, and this game is not going to be an exception, as it has high production values, and you can also play it on any device imaginable!

It's time for Jelly Quest Mania online!

You will have jellies, each with a color and a shape assigned to them, and in each level, you have targets of them that you need to match and eliminate, something that you have to do before you run out of moves, or before you run out of time.

To match them, use the mouse to swap two jellies that are next to one another, and when you have formed a line of three or more identical jellies, they are eliminated and your points are given.

Focus on those that are targets for each level, and then be careful not to waste time on other jellies, you might lose the whole level. Good luck, enjoy, and we really hope to see more of you here every day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Inlogic Software

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