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Global City
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Global City Overview


Global City is going to be one of the best city-building games online on our website, a game that you can play on computers, phones, and tablets alike, with amazing production values, easy-to-understand gameplay, and fun only here you can have, as we always bring only games of the highest quality!

Do you have the skills to build a Global City?

There is no city without its people, which is why you begin by putting up a townhouse, and making the roads that lead up to it so that everyone can enter.

As you make structures for people to live in, you also have to build the facilities such as restaurants, gyms, supermarkets, and everything else they would need to live their lives.

The more people come to your city, the more revenue you can get from taxes that they pay, and the more you can take that money and put it back to work, expanding it.

Make sure to produce resources that you need, set up production areas, make trades with other cities, build an airport for transport, or use railways for it, and you can even discover the ancient ruins of the city to use for tourism.

There are really no limits to how big or global you can create your city, so we hope that you play for as long as you like, and we're sure it is going to be plenty since there is no way this game will make you bored. Enjoy, and start building!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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