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Steam City

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Steam City
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Steam City Overview


In Steam City, you're not going to make trains, even though they will be a very important part of this game still, but instead, you get to create your own steampunk city, which is a very interesting and beloved look and theme in a lot of media, with its retro and futuristic elements all at the same time, which you can now combine together into making your own prosperous city online, in a management and building game like few others!

Create the biggest Steam City online!

A city needs headquarters to be run from, so build a mayor's office, to begin with, and then, from it, start doing work to grow all parts of the city, which will bring in more people to live inside of it, which means more work, more money, and more building opportunities.

For example, you might need raw materials to make new residential buildings, which is why you will first use your resources to buy and create a quarry, a mine, where you will get said resources.

As you get resources and create houses, and apartment buildings, also create leisure spots like restaurants, parks, cinemas, theaters, and pubs, and don't forget about important facilities like schools, factories, build the roads, create the train station, and bridges.

Make your city a vibrant one, filled with residents and tourists, grow the economy, and always put it back in it, for the people, and for the next term, you will surely be re-elected!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Create mines, quarries, factories, to have raw materials to make buildings, schools, and the roads.
  • Develop your industry to get a bigger budget at the mayor's office.
  • Trade with neighbouring cities and merchants coming to your city.

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