High Hills

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What is High Hills?

High Hills

High Hills is one of the craziest driving games online our team has now added it to our website for you all free of charge, which we can attest is an awesome experience from our own time spent playing it, hence why sharing it with everyone right now was a very urgent decision for us all!

Drive through the High Hills for ultimate fun!

Hold the mouse or finger on the right side to accelerate and balance your car, as you drive through hills that are very tall and steep, and then go really downhill fast, so you need to figure out how not to get stuck in this dangerous course, or have your car crash and explode, which is always a possibility.

As you keep driving, make sure to collect as many coins as you can, since they can be used in the garage for unlocking new vehicles, and get the fuel tanks when you can, because if you run out of it, you stop in the middle of the hill and that also means losing.

Try making lots of meters through the courses, collect tons of coins, and make amazing stunts and flips. Now that you've surely understood, let the fun begin right now, only here, and maybe invite your friends along for the ride too, since they might not have heard of this game before!

How to play?

Use the arrows.



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