Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath

Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath

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Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath
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Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath Overview


We have now added Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath to our website because we know very well that you would love playing action-adventure games with survival, fighting, magic, and a fantasy setting where your enemies are literally from other worlds, with you being the rogue that has to prevail in this new world, and we're sure you will do it, and have plenty of fun doing it at the same time!

Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath is here, so let's spring into action!

You have to survive a full twenty minutes against hordes of monsters and enemies that attack you, and before you can do that, scour the world to find new abilities and weapons, especially gear that will make your hero stronger in both defense and offense, and get past any obstacles and traps in your path.

The mythical crystals that you find you should definitely grab since they give you new magic powers, you can summon friends to your aid, use enchanted mushrooms for doping yourself up with power, and even acquire deadly weapons that defeat enemies with one swing.

There will be new enemies, featured in new biomes, and all sorts of champions you can become, and the story is funny, even if it is more towards dark humor. Use the mouse to interact with the wildpunk world you are in as well as all its characters, and start doing it right now, since it's not a good idea to leave fun on the table. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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