Typing Attack

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Typing Attack
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What is Typing Attack?

Typing Attack

Typing Attack combines spaceship shooting games online with typing, meaning that kids who play this game will not only have fun, but at the same time they will also develop a skill that is very important these days, which is to type really fast, and when enemy spaceships want to tear you down, of course, you will learn how to do it, quickly!

Give out your best Typing Attack!

The spaceship flies in space, with there being obstacles and enemies in front of it, all of them with words or letters on them, so you need to type said letters to shoot your lasers at them, and when each word or arrangement of lasers has been completed, they get blasted off.

Of course, each new level features bigger waves of words, as well as words that are more complicated, and which come at you faster. We wish you the best towards all that, and we hope you aren't stopping here, there is always more fun to come down the pipeline of our website!

How to play?

Use the keyboard.



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