Protect My Dog 2

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What is Protect My Dog 2?

Protect My Dog 2

Protect My Dog 2 brings along even more amazing levels with puzzles for you to stress your brain out on, as we have seen that with the first set, you have had quite an amazing time, as these puzzle and logic games online are increasing in popularity day after day, so a sequel to an already established title is only going to make people want to play them more, as we hope to see you do right now!

Play Protect My Dog 2 online unblocked!

In each level of the game, the dog is under threat of being bitten by bees, as there is a nest nearby, so you will have to use the mouse to draw lines of protection against him, in the shape that is most convenient and gives the more protection, and if the dog survives until the timer reaches zero seconds without getting stung, you win.

In each new level, you have more threats and it gets complicated to do it, and there are 100 of them here, one more challenging and fun than the other. Start off right now, only here, and make sure to stick around to see what other great content we will share here with you today!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.