Hasbulla Memory Cards

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What is Hasbulla Memory Cards?

Hasbulla Memory Cards

Yes, Hasbulla is now a game character, made possible only by the efforts of our team who has created this new memory-matching game that features him, one of the biggest internet sensations in the entire world, who wants the children who admire him to have a good memory and practice at it, which is what you will be doing in this game!

Match the Hasbulla Memory Cards online!

Click on two cards at a time to flip them around, and when they are identical, they get matched, and when all the pairs have been matched, the level is finished. You are shown where the cards are when you start, so memorize their position, because the timer starts counting backward after that, and if you don't find all the pairs before the time runs out, you lose.

For each new level of the game, there will be more cards for you to match, meaning only more fun for you to have as well. Let's start right now, as all this fun is just one click away, and maybe share the game with your many friends as well, they will absolutely be bonkers about it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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