M’s Cat Cases

04.03.2023 275 3 votes

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What is M’s Cat Cases?

M’s Cat Cases

M’s Cat Cases is a brilliant new puzzle-adventure game with point-and-click elements, but, most importantly it has cats, as we know that cat games online are among the most beloved of the animal genre, and when a cat is also a detective at the same time, it can only mean even more interesting times and experiences for you to have right now and here!

Let's solve M’s Cat Cases!

As is the case with these simple and lovely games, pun intended, you will use the mouse to interact with your environment, doing so in order to reveal clues, and hidden items, as well as combine said items to get new tools to use, or figure out your various mysteries, as you want your agency to do a good job, no?

The only way that you can keep the story moving and get closer to the reveal is if you keep interacting around with your environment, something we hope that you do with no fear at all, and we are sure that in no time at all you will figure out any and all secrets that this game has to offer.

Let's begin right away, having fun as only here is made possible, and maybe you will tell your friends about our fantastic games as well!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.