Battle Bootcamp

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What is Battle Bootcamp?

Battle Bootcamp

Battle Bootcamp is one of the best new fighting games added by our administrative team into the Teen Titans Go Games category, always a popular choice for our visitors, which is why we are happy that right at this moment we can share this game you've never played anywhere else before, proving once more why we are the best at what we do!

Enter the Battle Bootcamp with the Teen Titans Go!

Gizmo's army of robots will be whom you have to defeat in this game with all five of the titans, using the abilities and weapons of each one in part, training and honing their skills as you keep defeating the robots.

There will be ten levels in total, each with a new arena in which you have to do battle, with the character given to you. Make sure to defeat all the foes you encounter, while not letting them deplete your health bar, because in that case, you lose.

Use the arrows to move, C for a long-distance attack, X for a close attack, and Z for a special ability. Based on the performance you give you can earn from one to three stars per stage.

We wish you the very best, and truly hope to see you stick around more today since we've got more great Cartoon Network Games coming over for you, one after the other!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X, C keys.


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