100 Doors Escape Room

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What is 100 Doors Escape Room?

100 Doors Escape Room

100 Doors Escape Room is going to be one of the most fascinating and expansive escape room games online with puzzles on our website, because, as the title suggests, you have 100 doors to unlock, meaning 100 rooms to escape out of, only through your sheer brilliance and logical thinking, something we invite you to do right now, after which we explain how to do it also!

Try our 100 Doors Escape Room experience online right now!

In each level there is a new door to escape through, so use the mouse to interact with latches, keys, or various hidden objects that you might find, using them to get the doors unlocked, with the puzzles getting more difficult the deeper you get through the English castle you are trying to get out of.

You have to go in to get out, so figure out the logic problems of each level, open up the doors, and see if you can finish all 100 stages. Are you ready? Begin right now, and stick around for more fun to come, as only here is made possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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