Doors and Rooms

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What is Doors and Rooms?

Doors and Rooms

Doors and Rooms is a new action-packed horror survival game online in 3D with lots of running around to be done with it, and, also, lots of fun to be had in it, we promise, and we recommend it even to those that don't regularly play this kind of game, since they will also have tons of fun with it, for a fact!

Go through Doors and Rooms and escape!

Use WASD to move around, and E to interact with doors, but not only those of the rooms, but also doors of cabinets, closets, and the like. Find keys to open doors, get enough coins from the drawers to unlock them, or use the closest to hide if monsters are lurking around.

Each door you have to enter through has a number, and your record is measured by how far into the rooms you can get, so try to get as deep into this scary house as possible, maybe you might even get free at one point! Let's begin all this fun right now, and make sure to share the game with as many of your friends as possible too!

How to play?

Use WASD and E, the mouse.

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