Spider Swat

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What is Spider Swat?

Spider Swat

Spider Swat is a brand new skill and reaction time game we are now very happy to share with all our visitors since we have a hunch they will have just as much fun as we did, maybe even more, which says a lot, and we're sure you are going to enjoy one moment after the other of this experience!

Hit and have fun with Spider Swat!

Spiders are going to come out of the holes where they are hiding, and, when they do, click on them to hit them with the newspaper and swat them, getting points each time you do it, so make sure to aim for a score as big as possible, obviously.

In each new level, the spiders get faster and trickier to hit, but we are sure that if you focus hard enough, and are always vigilant, you will be successful in the end. Good luck, enjoy, and maybe invite your friends here also!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Video Game Preview

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