Crazy Boat Adventure

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What is Crazy Boat Adventure?

Crazy Boat Adventure

Are you ready to go on a Crazy Boat Adventure? Then you are invited to do so with one of the best new boat driving games online on our website, a simple and fun concept that is going to keep you entertained from start to finish, guaranteed, just like it had been the case for us when we gave it a try!

It's time to go on a Crazy Boat Adventure online!

Use the mouse, touch controls, or left and right arrows to steer your boat, having to avoid the traps on the water such as electric fences, holes, rocks, pirate ships, and more, because when you hit them, you lose them and there.

Instead, collect as many coins as you can in each run you go on, as you can use them for buying new ships in the shop, and pick up various power-ups along the way as well.

The bigger distance you make, and the more coins you earn, the better. Let's begin right now, only here, and we hope you are not stop any day soon, since we've got more in store for you, as per usual!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or arrows.

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