Too Big to Fall

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What is Too Big to Fall?

Too Big to Fall

Too Big to Fall is our latest contribution to the Ben 10 Games category, where new content had not been brought over in quite a while, precisely why we are eager to do it right now, where you are not going to want to miss on this experience, just like we have not, and we instantly shared it with you as well!

Let's find out if Ben 10 is Too Big to Fall!

The alien you take control of in this game is really good at grappling things, but also jumping, so you will use these abilities to jump from one space rock to another, with the goal of reaching as far as possible, collecting orbs along the way for points, while making sure not to fall into the deep abyss of space.

To do it, drag the mouse down and set the power, and the longer the arrow is, the bigger that is. Release to make your shot. As you do it, try collecting as many orbs along the way as possible, so that you get a big score, and you can even collect them when you fall, but make sure to click when next to asteroids, so you can grab them.

Good luck, we wish you the best, and hope you are not stopping here, since more great games are still to come here today, only for you all!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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