Huggy Wuggi: Capture the Island

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What is Huggy Wuggi: Capture the Island?

Huggy Wuggi: Capture the Island

Huggy Waggi: Capture the Island is one of the latest hypercasual games 3D to feature this blue monster from Poppy Playtime, even if he is more pinkish here, he still remains as dangerous and scary as before, with our team has had plenty of fun with this terrific game where you shoot, buy, evolve, and much more, in a mixture of genres for the ages!

Capture the Island of Huggy Waggi!

Use WASD to move around the island, where you will shoot at the monsters that want to invade it, get the hands they leave behind, and use them at the station to turn them into money, after which you use that money to get more stations that give you bullets, guns, and defenses.

Use all these and always evolve them by buying more upgrades to them, because the Huggy Wuggy monsters only get more vicious in their attacks, and if they invade your island and destroy your protagonist, you lose. Keep at it until there are no more monsters, and then start again with a higher difficulty for the next level.

Good luck, we wish you the best and hope to see more of you here since we never run out of new and amazing games to share with you, that's for sure!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys or the mouse.

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